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    The Storm Predication Center in Norman, OK has foretasted for the Southern Half of the GEO  CENTRAL for an enhanced risk of severe weather for the next 24 hours. Chapters in Texas and Louisiana are to take special note of the Yellow Alert Status and to make certain they are prepared accordingly for inclement weather. Please stayed tuned to local media regarding this developing situation.

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    The USS NEW ORLEANS during the course of 2018, has spent its inaugural year in the Federation as a very busy one. Just days after sending supplies off to Cajun Navy Supply the Chapter was found in Gretna, LA again at Bad Wolf Bar and Grill on 10/27/2018. This this a part of the eatery’s programming. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and while Bad Wolf had indeed had an earlier celebration to help raise money. The USS NEW ORLEANS followed up as part of the festivities with one of their celebrated raffles. Adding to the night’s entertainment was Karaoke, and a adult costume contest. Patrons and Federation crew alike…

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    Word from the USS NEW ORLEANS was quick and to the point. “Mission Accomplished!” Since the landfall of Hurricane Florence, the New Orleans Public Library (NOPL) had began collection of supplies needed by people displaced by the storms. Out of the 15 branches in the system, nine participated amassed about 200 lbs of supplies. Most of which were personal hygiene products followed by cleaning supplies. It was a good start to what would follow. Earlier, this week the Cajun Navy Supply decided to make a last ditch convoy, starting in Texas and working their way east. It was discovered even though the roads had been officially cleared that the large…

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      Bad Wolf Bar and Grill, in Gretna, LA is one of those places where science-fiction has a home. The bar, located across the Mississippi River from downtown New Orleans serves as the hub geekdom. It shares similar functions as other bars in the area. Good food, music and of course it is an awesome venue for all kinds of gaming. Magic: The Gathering is played there as well as Warhammer 40K. But you can also play a round of pool or darts. And let’s not forget the food. Bad Wolf has awesome food. (Special Note: Bad Wolf is one the rare bars that has Romulan Ale on their secret…

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    Chapters in GEO CENTRAL immediately went into action when the track of Hurricane Florence had targeted North Carolina.  The storm rapidly making its way to the Outer Banks would later make landfall near Wilmington and then stall out over four days. There was some wind and surge damage, but the real danger came from the lingering storms rains as rivers and streams filled up and began to overflow their banks.  That was September, and later in October another Hurricane named Michael aimed for the Florida Panhandle along the Gulf Coast.  FEDERATION ™ Chapters like the USS NEW ORLEANS prepared to change track. The Chapter already working with the New Orleans Public Library and Cajun Navy Supply had already worked to helping the victims of Hurricane Florence, were now switching gears to deal with the…